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Our team

Tommy Norris owner
lead Composer

chalmers croft asst. Composer

noah wall
voice over lead

Tommy Norris is professional mandolinist, Mel Bay author, and classical guitarist who graduated from Western Carolina University with a bachelor's degree in Music and Audio Engineering.  He is also a co-founder and mandolinist in The Barefoot Movement, an award winning Americana band. He enjoys composing just about any style of music, with a special love for folk, fantasy, and orchestral pieces.  When not composing  or performing, he enjoys spending time with his cats and dying repeatedly in Dark Souls.

A professional guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and background vocalist, Chalmers Croft attended music school at Western Carolina and Appalachian State University. Chalmers is a highly passionate musician and loves to stay busy with gigs, recording, and composing projects. Aside from music, Chalmers is an avid weight lifter and nutrition fanatic. He is a lifetime Nintendo fan and loves spending time with his dogs and family!

Raised in rural North Carolina, Noah Wall is a musician, audiobook narrator, and voice actress.  She has narrated over 50 audiobooks in varying genres and continues to expand her credits into games and animation. She is a founding member and the lead singer, songwriter, and violinist in the acclaimed Americana band, The Barefoot Movement.  When not recording music or voiceovers, she enjoys eating popcorn, taking in a good story whether through a television series, movie, or good book, learning about history through the lens of a well orchestrated ghost tour, and being a dedicated cat mom to Meera and Jo.

russell mehringer
sound design

Russell is a tech fanatic gone creative. He studied physics at Purdue University but ultimately decided that manipulating cow ‘moos’ into spaceship sound effects was a much more valuable use of his time.

Besides building bovine battleship bellows, Russell loves nature and the sounds that come with it. He brings a field recorder with him everywhere, even on his honeymoon!

Russell is also an independent game developer. He makes games under the pseudonym, RDM Games. His games are as random as his personality.

jt dekker
sound design

JT is a bit of a nerd... ok maybe more than a bit. Graduating from Biola University with a bachelors degree in Film Production, JT has always had a bottomless passion for post production sound design.

JT has been professionally making loud noises at NPALL for over 10 years. His comfort zone is sitting in a studio, surrounded by action figures, listening to that car crash for the 100th time just to make sure it’s perfect.

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